Thursday, March 24, 2011

Greek Blog 2

Sparta and Athens differed much from eachother, but had similar governments. Sparta focused on obidience and war, young boys were trained to be warrios, and girls were trained to be the mother of warriors. While Athens focused on education, and you weren't forced to join the military, and girls could do anything except business, education, or military service. Another way they were different is how they interacted with the rest of Greece. Sparta kept to itself and Athens was trying to control different parts of Greece, which is what led to the Peloponesian War.

And i would rather live in Athens than Sparta. In Sparta i would have to be forced to join the military, but in Athens i pretty much had the choice to do whateve i wanted. So there was no boundaries for what someone could do in Athens, and the fact that they had a democratic government is another reason.
Athens and Sparta source

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