Monday, April 4, 2011

Reaction to Capzles

Caplzes wasnt horrible, but it wasnt my favorite. it's sort of like a horizontal powerpoint layout, except it's not as convient. Overall thought i didn't mind using it, and i would us it again.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Greek Blog 5

  1. Philosophy
  2. Democracy
  3. Literature
  4. The Olympics
  5. Entertainment
All these are prominent things in society today. Without democracy we wouldnt have the country we have today, and without literature we would have no culture. The Olympics have become one of the biggest sports events, and greek entertainment inspired many of the things we see today.

Greek Blog 4

I chose this picture because it describes Greece. It shows that were they powerful, but still a civilized, elegant and fair people.

Greek Blog 2

Sparta and Athens differed much from eachother, but had similar governments. Sparta focused on obidience and war, young boys were trained to be warrios, and girls were trained to be the mother of warriors. While Athens focused on education, and you weren't forced to join the military, and girls could do anything except business, education, or military service. Another way they were different is how they interacted with the rest of Greece. Sparta kept to itself and Athens was trying to control different parts of Greece, which is what led to the Peloponesian War.

And i would rather live in Athens than Sparta. In Sparta i would have to be forced to join the military, but in Athens i pretty much had the choice to do whateve i wanted. So there was no boundaries for what someone could do in Athens, and the fact that they had a democratic government is another reason.
Athens and Sparta source

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Greek Blog 1

  1. The earliest greek civilization was the Minoan.
  2. The Minoan civilizations was named after King Minos.
  3. The Myceneans conquered the Minoans.
  4. The myceneans adopted the Minoans system of writing called Linear B.
  5. In most city states the original fort was build on an acropolis(hill).
  6. Athletic games were held to honor the Gods. (called the olympic games today)
  7. Homer made two great epic poems.( the Odyssey and The Iliad.
  8. Greeks traveled to oracles to ask questions about the future.
  9. Democracy started with the Greeks.
  10. Athens was known for its laws and government.
  11. Sparta was known for its militaty strength.
  12. People captured by the spartans were called Helots.
  13. Helots were the lowest class of people in Sparta.
  14. Draco is said to have created Athens first written law code around 621 B.C.
  15. Thucydides was said to be the first historian.
  16. Peisistraus imporved athens economy and divided Noble's land among poor farmers.
  17. Trade was Athens mainstay.
  18. Athenian women could not own or inherit property.
  19. The main purpose of marriage was to have children.
  20. Education was very important in Athenian society.
  21. Pericles was the greatest greek statesman.
  22. The battle of marathon was won even though the greeks were out numbered.
  23. The peloponesian war lasted 27 years.
  24. The persian war weakened greece.
  25. The Delian League was an alliance of greek city-states.