Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ancient Civilization Facts

The land within the crescent-shaped area is very well suited to farming and helped give rise to the Sumerian civilization
Cuneiform writing developed from pictographic writing
The arch is one of the strongest forms in building.
Each ziggurat could be up to 150 feet high and its top served as a shrine to a Sumerian god.
To keep their calendar accurate, the Sumerians added a month every few years.
Unlike boys, girls could not become scribes and did not attend school
Ziggurats were made of baked brick placed in layers and looked like a wedding cake.
The Epic of Gilgamesh is the story of a Sumerian king and is one of the oldest works of literature known.
The teachings of Zoroaster are known as Zoroastrianism and have influenced many other religions.
The present-day regions of Israel, Lebanon, and Syria were once called Phoenicia.
The Phoenicians invented the art of glass-blowing.
 Phoenician colonies were established throughout the Mediterranean region
The Lydian’s are the first people to have used coined money
Phoenicians developed the alphabet.
Phoenician sculptors often used ivory, which was highly prized in the ancient world, which was imported from North and East Africa.

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